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I am very sad to tell you that Bill died in March 2009. I will keep his website up and running because we had such a great time creating it together.

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All Hands On Deck!



Now Hear THIS!!


Welcome to my Website!   

Thank you for visiting. Click the links at the very top to see all of the pages included here!  I hope you will visit often to read my latest "Shorty's Tall Tales."  Don't miss my Photo Album.   My Funny Photos are really great! Check out my links, too!    I believe that: Laughter is the BEST Medicine!  

Let's all have a good time!

First, permit me to introduce myself!

My name is Bill Owens.
My nickname is "Shorty".....because I am "Vertically Challenged!"  Now, I am also "Follically Impaired" so please don't talk about your bad hair days to me!  Here is what I used to look like when I HAD hair!

 I am a retired CPO from the US Navy. I enjoyed 23 years in the Navy as a Sonarman. Some of my best times were in Key West, FL as an instructor after WWII. After that career, I continued to work in the Anti-Submarine Warfare field for 27 more years at LTV Sierra Technologies in Buffalo, NY. Right now,I live full time in Sun City Center, FL.  I enjoy golfing, computer work, reminiscing with old and new friends, and spending time with my wife of 40 years! YIKES, 41 Years!


Grandpa's future super stars: Justin, Courtney and Kate!




"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures!"


"Have clear objectives.
Make your team feel important.
Be skeptical of experts.
Never beat down enthusiasm."

Colin Powell


"You don't stop laughing because you grow old,
You grow old 
because  you stop laughing!"


"One of the secrets of a happy life is
small treats!"


"It's NEVER too late
to have a happy childhood!"




A Proud Moment!

I dedicate this page to ALL VETERANS!!
I thank you all,  for the many sacrifices you made to make this,
The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!


Great Folks have visited!

Come back Soon!

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